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Keeping your Friends

By Michael Cobb

Keeping your Friends

Ever encountered the phrase "friendship overload?" Some people may have this overload and we sometimes call them lucky for having many friends. But sometimes those friends only remain in the phonebook, memories, or photos. People who have "friendship overload" find it hard to keep those friends even if they want to. There are ways to keep the friendships alive, whether they are near or faraway.

Keep in touch with your friends often. For long-distance friendships, you could take advantage of email. If there is an event, like birthdays or Christmas, or even if you just want to say "hi," a card would be a nice idea. Online cards are always available on the net. For those friends who are just across your place or school, keep in touch with them by sending cards, letters, and notes. These are some of the best ways to communicate with them. Do not forget that handwritten work is more appreciated because personal touch is involved.

After getting in touch with them, some of them may respond and you might end up seeing them personally. Spend your time with your friends in a more meaningful and interesting way. This works best especially for those friends you haven't seen for a long time. Strolling at a park or watching a movie are some of the ways to have fun. Sometimes spending time with your friends becomes boring when you end up talking about each other's problems in a day. On the other hand, listening to each other's problems is not bad. In fact this is a way to keep your friendships more meaningful, by reassuring each other in both good and bad times. Having a big problem is not the only time you should see your friends. In a way, spending good times or having fun with troubled friends might eventually help them to get through their problems.

Friendship also means responsibility. They are not friends just because you need them during difficult times, or just to have more gifts come Christmas time; but because you love and appreciate them. If you are a true friend, you will always make yourself available especially during the most depressing times.

Friends play an important role in a person's life. Some say they are the extension of your family; that is, you are not blood-related but you share a deep relationship with each other. Treat your friends well, for they are worth much more than any wealth or property in the world.

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